Carmen D’Angelo, Formerly of FM Global, has Joined Bauer Advising as Senior Consulting Advisor and Mediator

For Immediate Release – January 4, 2013

  • 40 year commercial property insurance veteran joins Joe Bauer in helping companies improve risk and insurance management
  • Will speak with c-suites about elevating risk management function and optimizing property and business interruption terms and practices
  • Key to new offering of Bauer Advising as mediator of large insurance claims and coverage disputes

ANN ARBOR, MI AND CLEVELAND, OH, JANUARY 4, 2013. Bauer Advising LLC ( announced today that Carmen D’Angelo, retiring Vice President and Operations Manager at FM Global, has joined the firm as senior consulting advisor and mediator.

Mr. D’Angelo will begin his work with the firm immediately, meeting with corporate c-suite executives about the importance of optimal commercial insurance management, especially in the area of property and business interruption risk. He will also assist in the educational programs produced and hosted by Bauer Advising and will be available to mediate and facilitate the resolution of large property insurance claims and coverage disputes.

“Carmen is rightly regarded as a genuine expert in property insurance,” said Joseph W. Bauer, founder of Bauer Advising. “He has granular knowledge of the terms of property policies, the forms and manuscript options available, and their application to loss events. I am honored to have him join me in helping companies, brokers, and carriers do the best possible work together in the management and transfer of large risks, as well as the settlement of arguments about claims and losses.”

The firm noted that Mr. D’Angelo also will be a key part of its new offering to the industry, acting as a neutral mediator in large matter coverage disputes and contested losses. “Bauer Advising is now available to serve corporate policyholders, brokers, and insurers as a neutral facilitator of claim and coverage settlement. We want to be a trusted, impartial resource enabling sensible and cost-effective outcomes that promote fairness and continuing commercial relationships, instead of acrimony and excessive expense. Carmen’s reputation, knowledge, and personality will help to do this,” Bauer said. He added that the firm’s mediation services will be limited exclusively to commercial insurance disputes, where it believes it has competence. Mr. D’Angelo will act in property and business interruption claims; Mr. Bauer and other firm resources will act in disputes arising under liability and specialty lines.

“The services of Bauer Advising have been shown to be highly valued and I am very pleased and excited to be able to use my experience to enhance the suite of offerings in the risk management, insurance and mediation areas,” said D’Angelo.

Bauer Advising was formed in 2010 upon Bauer’s retirement as the chief legal officer of a global chemical company for twenty years. The firm advises the commercial insurance industry, meeting with senior managements to encourage greater attention to and appreciation of the corporate risk and insurance management function. The firm also advises law firms and corporations on legal fee arrangements.

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