Settlement Facilitation & Mediation

iStock_000003887491XSmallLawsuits between companies and their major material suppliers and service providers are infrequent—for some companies, even rare. But bitter and costly disputes between those same companies and their insurance companies are much more common.

Bauer Advising helps both policyholders and insurers resolve large claim disputes in a professional, efficient manner that promotes a mutually beneficial ongoing business relationship.

Normally, we do not use the conventional “mediation” approach, because we believe that complex disagreements are usually not amenable to resolution in a “one or two day” formal meeting, characterized by passionate advocacy. Instead, we help the parties arrive at resolutions by working closely with them in an iterative process over a 60-day period (or less). A formal meeting may culminate that process, but by the time it is held, nearly all—or all—disputed items have been resolved.

Resolutions through an iterative process—
not a formal mediation meeting

We seek practical, creative, and business-like solutions. We understand commercial insurance down to the fine print, and the purchasing channels used to obtain it. We come from both sides of the commercial insurance isle—corporate policyholder and carrier. We are antagonistic to neither, and constructive facilitators to both—and to their legal counsel.

Our experience extends across nearly all lines of business insurance, including large property and business interruption losses, major crime and theft claims, D&O disputes, large professional liability claims, general and construction liability, and cyber-related coverage.

We work as settlement facilitators or mediators for a quoted flat fee. This promotes efficiency and provides all parties with certainty as to the costs of attempted resolution.

Our settlement facilitators and mediators are Joseph W. Bauer; Carmen D’Angelo; and John S. Barr (who specializes in professional liability claims against lawyers and law firms). Together, we bring over 100 years of professional experience to dispute and claim management and resolution. Read more about us.