Neutral Independent Claim Evaluations

iStock_000005068648XSmallAs a separate service from our settlement facilitation and mediation, we also perform succinct neutral claim assessments. These evaluations put an independent, experienced eye to claim facts and the policies under which they apply for either a policyholder or a carrier claims department—or a broker—that feels a fresh and unbiased look may be of value.

For whomever the assessment is made, clients use them for internal discussions, and with the other parties to the claim if they so choose. The view of a credible third party with substantial experience can often break a logjam and move a new or nascent claim to a constructive path.

A fresh and unbiased view can break a logjam

Bauer Advising’s Neutral Claim Evaluations are normally performed within two weeks of their request. They are provided at a flat quoted fee which is not substantial, but varies depending on the volume of documentary material which is provided for review and assessment.

We have provided such evaluations for claims arising under D&O, Property, Crime and Theft, Professional Liability, General and Construction Liability, and cyber-related coverage.

To discuss a neutral claim evaluation, contact us.