Coverage Gap & Term Analysis

iStock_000011513348XSmallWe review commercial insurance policies—every word of every page and all endorsements—and provide an independent assessment of the coverage we find and any gaps we observe. We are not a broker, or a substitute for one. We work cooperatively with all brokers and often discuss our work product with them personally so that they may work constructively with their risk management clients to optimize terms.

Many companies find that a fresh set of independent eyes is a valuable exercise, especially when it is available from very experienced professionals at a reasonable flat quoted price.

Independent eyes at a low flat quoted price

Bauer Advising’s professionals have been both purchasers and issuers of commercial insurance policies. We study policies from all perspectives, and pay attention to all of the “fine print”, in addition to the major sensitivities of limit, deductible structure, and basic coverage clauses. We know from our own commercial experience that often under-reviewed terms, such as those addressing subrogation and notice requirements, can become over-sized problems down the road when a claim occurs.

Our reviews are generally completed within 3 weeks. We provide a detailed, but plain English, memorandum explaining our observations. And we are available to meet with the company to discuss the memorandum further, if requested.

To inquire about a policy review, contact us.