Educational Forums

Empty lecture room.Bauer Advising produces roundtables and symposia for compact audiences (normally about 25 persons) who are leaders in their fields and in their companies. Topics are highly focused and always pertain to one of the two (and only two) competence areas to which we are devoted: commercial insurance management and content; and legal fee and budget management. Programs are concise, usually 3 hours or less. All are conducted in quality, business-like environments conducive to candid exchange and discussion.

Facilitating Competence in Insurance, Risk and Legal Management by Bringing Thought Leaders to the C-suite

Importantly, these programs are not intended to produce revenue or profit. Speakers are selected by Bauer Advising because they have special knowledge in the subject of the event. Vendors do not buy “sponsorships” in return for a place on the agenda, because the programs are not intended as sales presentations or solicitation opportunities. The purpose is peer-to-peer exchange and discussion of best practices on clearly defined subjects.

Normally, there is no cost to attend, though most programs are by invitation only.

Clients and supporters of Bauer Advising offset the costs of the programs (without mark-up), including the expenses of academic, judicial and non-profit speakers.

For Details on upcoming and past programs, see the Events page.