AFA Consulting to Law Firms

iStock_000000844048XSmallWe consult with law firms to assist them in the integration of AFAs into their practice strategies. We have done this work for AmLaw 50 firms, smaller full-service business firms, and for boutique firms.

Strategic is the key word in our AFA work for law firms. We believe that the principal reason AFAs sometimes fail to satisfy the client, the firm, or both of them, is that the particular design of the AFA was not strategically well matched to its objectives. An AFA for a major matter of a trusting client with a deep relationship with the firm should bear little resemblance to an AFA intended to demonstrate to a potential new client the firm’s ability to efficiently handle, for example, medium sized acquisitions.

Matching AFA structures to the firm’s objectives for the matter

We help law firms match AFA design to client development and retention strategies. Not with generalities and slogans. We work in details, and always address the “what ifs” that are common causes of poor profitability in some AFAs.

We provide our legal fee consulting services to law firms on the basis of either a flat annual fee for ongoing advice and design work; or on a quoted flat fee for specific projects.

To inquire about our legal fee services, contact us.