AFAs for Company Law Departments & General Counsel

Front of a courthouseWe have designed AFAs for companies of all sizes, across a broad range of subject matters. Sometimes we are engaged to devise proposals for a single, large matter, such as a complex patent case. We are also engaged to design proposals and templates for “matter baskets” or multi-case segments (such as employment-related matters in a specific geographical region, or nationally; or M&A transactions under, or above, a certain value).

We do not advise on counsel selection, and always disclose to companies the law firms for whom we are engaged in AFA consulting. And we do not involve ourselves in any personal interaction with the company’s chosen outside counsel unless asked and authorized to do so. That client-lawyer relationship remains where it belongs.

What distinguishes Bauer Advising from others in the field of AFAs is that we have not just written about them. Or gathered statistics about their use. We have actually done them—many hundreds of them—in our private legal practices before founding Bauer Advising, and on behalf of the companies we have been engaged by since.

We don’t talk generalities. We talk details.

We don’t talk generalities. We talk details. And our proposals—which the company can use, modify, or discard—always address the “what ifs”, the unforeseen but possible events that cause some AFAs to skid off the rails.

We provide our legal fee consulting services for a quoted flat fee dependent upon the scope of the assignment. It is invariably a very minor amount in relation to anticipated outside legal spending or the departmental budget.

To inquire about our legal fee services, contact us.