Empty boardroomBauer Advising was formed by Joseph W. (Joe) Bauer. He was the chief legal officer of a global fortune 500 chemical company for nearly 20 years prior to its acquision in 2011 by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.

As general counsel, Mr. Bauer was accountable for both legal affairs and the procurement and quality of all of the corporation’s property, casualty, and directors and officers insurance. And throughout his career, he developed an interest in alternative legal fees, applying them in a majority of the legal matters facing the company—from litigation matters to M&A transactions.

Mr. Bauer also personally managed the resolution of large commercial suits and claims for his company, working with leading national mediators. He believes that expensive, combative litigation between commercial enterprises— and especially between corporations and their insurance providers—is usually avoidable when the parties engage a competent neutral to explore resolution. Read more about the insurance dispute services of Bauer Advising.

– Independent advice on insurance policy content and terms
– Help in shaping alternative legal fee proposals
– Settlement Facilitation and Early Neutral Evaluation of Insurance Coverage Disputes

Joseph W. Bauer

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Carmen D'Angelo

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All of the work of Bauer Advising is grounded on three premises: (1) the quality of insurance designed to protect an enterprise is critical to true risk management, but is often underappreciated in large companies; (2) companies and law firms alike can benefit from alternative fee arrangements, but need help in devising their structures; and (3) large commercial insurance claim disputes are suited to early neutral evaluation and settlement facilitation.

Bauer Advising draws on internal expertise, including that of senior consulting advisors and settlement facilitators Carmen D’Angelo (formerly of FM Global), and John S. Barr (until recently the general counsel of the national law firm McGuireWoods). The firm also has a developed network of insurance and legal industry resources and experts.